Pleating: Fundamentals for Fashion Design

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This concise book, with more than 300 photos of pleated, high-fashion creations and practical diagrams to follow, offers the basics needed to understand and use fabric pleating successfully. A foreword by Jack Sauma, founder of Mood Designer Fabrics, reminds us of how essential pleating is to the design world. Throughout, step-by-step explanations show you how, by understanding the types of pleats and their requirements in terms of fabrics, grain, bias, and other factors, you can improve your design's creation process, budget planning, and "wow" factor. Authors Leon and George Kalajian are the father-and-son team heading New York's preeminent Tom’s Sons International Pleating. While their firm caters to couture evening wear and runway fashion, the concepts and definitions they clearly explain in this book will allow everyone to properly execute and communicate designs to others in the industry. This is an essential reference for designers, seamstresses, pattern makers, costumers, factory owners, students, and everyone involved in fashion.

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