The Color Book 4th Edition

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The Color Book 4th Edition:
Creative Names for Designer Palettes


When it comes to naming colors.... designers, marketers, merchandisers and creatives often spend hours on hours brainstorming the perfect names for each color standard. The name of each color must communicate the collection’s point of view, the mood the designer is conveying, be marketable, reflect the company’s mission, and truly be exciting and enticing to the target customer.


This is not accomplished easily and naming colors in a large range can take a great deal of time each season. With this in mind, we updated our creative design-room companion guide, The Color Book. This new, and first full-color, edition assists designer in naming their colors as quickly as possible, yet still retaining the level of creativity and enjoyment associated with the job.


Our new 4th edition includes over 1,000 new color names and brings the total color names to over 4,500. As in the earlier editions, color names are curated and arranged by hue and include a light and dark shade of each color. Names stem from a wide of subjects, including: nature, biology, astronomy, technology, astrology, gems, gardening, flowers, animals, ocean life, global communities, chemistry, food, drink, and many more.  


We, at Fashiondex, hope this book improves your designing life, saves you time and inspires you. Please enjoy this new edition and the creative color naming process. Design, create, wear, use, and love what you design. Design for longevity, design for circularity, and design responsibly. Share your love of creativity with the world and treat the world with love! The world is connected with what you design and how you choose to manufacture. Please design and produce with our planet and all people in mind.

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