Birnbaum's Global Guide to Agents and Buying Offices

Birnbaum's Global Guide to Agents and Buying Offices
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Birnbaum's Global Guide to Agents and Buying Offices


20 years ago, every middleman —every agent and every buying office —provided the same basic services.  Today the list of required services has expanded geometrically and the skill-set needed to provide those services have expanded exponentially.  The days when the middleman needed only merchandisers and QC are long gone. 

Today, the difference between a first class and a mediocre middleman is the difference between success and bankruptcy.

Are you an agent or buying a office?

This book will tell you whether you are in front, on the cutting edge or at the back, about to fall off.


Are you a brand importer or retailer?

This book will tell you what is on the cutting edge, and what you may be missing.


Every customer asks the same basic question:


What is a fair commission?


The answer depends on three factors:


Who are you?

What do you need?

How good is your middleman?


The short answer is:

In some cases 5% is too high. In other cases 33% is a bargain.


For the more complete answer, read the book.


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