Measurements 3

13. C.F. Neck to Waist: The vertical length taken from C.F. Neck point to Waist at center front. (Sketch 2.9)

14. C.B. Neck to Waist: The vertical length taken from C.B. Neck point to Waist at center back. (Sketch 2.10)

15. Armhole: The circumference of the imaginary line that is the arm socket, starting at the shoulder point and going around to the underarm and back up to the shoulder point. Traditionally called the Armscye, however this term is less commonly used in the industry today, so we refer to this circumference as the Armhole. (Sketch 2.5- front view and Sketch 2.4- back view)

16. Side Upper Torso: The length from mid point of the underarm at armhole line to waist line. (Sketch 2.8)

17. Bust Points Around Neck: The length measured from one bust point up to H.P.S., around back of neck, through C.B. Neck and back around to other bust point. (Sketch 2.7)

18. Bust Points Width: The horizontal distance from one bust point across to the other. (Sketch 2.6)





Illustrated and Written by Andrea Kennedy of

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