The Spec Manual 2nd edition

The 2nd Edition of The Spec Manual provides fashion professionals and students with a -comprehensive guide for measuring garments using standard industry practices. This textbook/workbook contains front and back view croquis for women, off sizes, men, juniors, and children; spec sheet templates; illustrated measurement points; and tables with measurement points. The 2nd Edition also features a companion CD-ROM with electronic resources such as spec sheets and a flats library. Users with either beginning or advanced digital skills will learn how to create computer-generated spec sheets.

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3D Printing Design

Whether you're modelling in interiors, designing in fashion or constructing for interiors, in your work or as part of a final project, 3D Printing design is an encouraging guide to additive manufacturing within design disciplines. 

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Concepts of Pattern Grading

This step-by-step introduction to grading combines the theory of pattern grading with its practical applications.

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Integrating Draping, Drafting and Drawing

This handy studio reference teaches draping, drafting, and drawing the way they are practiced in the industry: by integrating them throughout the creative process.

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The Color Books Complete Set

Excellent set for merchandisers and designers, all three Color Name books, offered as a set, at one great price!

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