Sustainability and Social Change in Fashion

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About Sustainability and Social Change in Fashion



"This is a primer for future fashion game changers.Kelly Cobb, University of Delaware, US

Learn how to be sustainable and work for social change in the fashion industry. The book explains concepts, applications, legal and regulatory issues, and tools available to professionals throughout the fashion industry. Call to Action Activities, case studies, Conversations with industry professionals, and Company Highlights in every chapter will help you practice sustainability in your career. Some of the featured companies include ABL Denim, Eileen Fisher, Patagonia, Alabama Chanin, Everlane, thredUP, Krochet Kids intl, Loomstate, and Conscious Step. Industry professionals interviewed include Treana Peake, Caryn Franklin, Annie Gullingsrud, Katherine Soucie, and Elizabeth Shorrock, among others. Online STUDIO resources include case studies, self-quizzes, and glossary flashcards.

Table of contents



Chapter 1: Overview of Sustainability and Social Change in Fashion 
Chapter 2: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice
Chapter 3: Product Life Cycle
Chapter 4: Longevity of Use
Chapter 5: Supply Chain Assurance and Transparency
Chapter 6: Sustainable Business Logistics and Retailing 
Chapter 7: Sustainable Communities
Chapter 8: Goals, Plans, and Trends in Creating Sustainable Supply Chains

Fashion Transparency Index: Brand Analysis and Engagement
Upcycling Collaboration Project
Zero Waste Design and University/industry Upcycling Collaboration: A Conversation with Elizabeth Shorrock
Company Highlight: Loomstate: It's All Connected




“This is a primer for future fashion game changers.” –  Kelly Cobb, University of Delaware, US

“There are other books out there but they all focus on specific aspects of sustainability in fashion. I am looking for a wider, more theoretical approach and I feel this book will fill those needs.” –  Brenda Brandley, Lethbridge College, US

“The unique value lies in its combination of design and merchandising concepts. This integration of topics fills a gap in the teaching literature. The integrated discussion of topics is well done and aligns with my course because of the topics I cover, which include sustainable design, sourcing and social responsibility, and fair trade/trade policy.” –  Tasha Lewis, Cornell University, US

“The comprehensive view of sustainability covers more topics than previous books I have used.” –  Lori A. Faulkner, Ferris State University, US


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