The Fundamentals of Fashion Management

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The Fundamentals of Fashion Management provides an in-depth look at the changing face of today's fiercely competitive fashion industry. Providing invaluable behind-the-scenes insights into the roles and processes of the industry, this book combines creative and business approaches for all those seeking to gain a solid understanding of what it means to work in the fashion sector.
Packed with new visuals, case studies and exercises, The Fundamentals of Fashion Management also contains new interviews with key players from different sectors in the global fashion industry, including with a fashion forecaster, a brand account manager, a fashion buyer, a digital marketing manager, fashion journalist, and a fashion entrepreneur. With an additional new chapter on entrepreneurship and management, this a must-have handbook for all those looking to create successful business practice in fashion management, marketing, buying, retailing and related fields.
Table of contents
1. The business of fashion- a global perspective
An overview and evolution of the fashion industry; The impact of technology and ethical fashion and sustainability; Ten influential fashion global brands; Case study: Application of knowledge and checklist; Exercise: Personal SWOT; Interview: TBC (US)
2. Fashion forecasting and trend prediction
Understanding fashion forecasting and trend prediction; Product design, innovation and development; The forecasting process; Trend prediction as a tool for fashion businesses; Forecasting and trend prediction companies; Case study: Presenting trend information; Exercise: Developing a forecast; Interview: LSN: Global Researcher
3. Introduction to the principles of fashion management
The fashion organisation; The role of the fashion manager; Value chain analysis- a fashion perspective; Management theories and frameworks; Case study: Application of knowledge and checklist; Exercise: TBC; Interview: eCommerce manager or brand account manager (EU)
4. Fashion transition
Fashion buying; The buying cycle and range planning; Merchandising with mathematics; Global sourcing, importing fashion and the supply chain process; Retail design and visual merchandising; Distribution and retailing; Case study: Application of knowledge and checklist; Exercise: Develop a range plan; Interview: Fashion buyer (US)
5. Fashion marketing and communication
Understanding marketing; Marketing fashion products; Fashion communication; Fashion advertising; The internet and social media as a tool for brands; Case study: Application of knowledge and checklist; Exercise: Social media site; Interview: Digital marketing manager (US)
6. The fashion machine
The fashion calendar; The fashion press; Fashion editorial; Fashion curating; Case study: Application of knowledge and checklist; Exercise: Press pack; Interview: Fashion journalist (EU)
7. Fashion Entrepreneurship and management
Entrepreneurial practice; Developing new fashion concepts to commercialization; Identifying market (business) opportunities in the 21st century global fashion industry; New business models; Planning and management of the creative enterprise; Raising finance for creative projects; Understanding IP and protecting design work; Case study: Innovative emerging designers; Exercise: Crowd fund pitch; Interview: Nabil El Nayal, Fashion Entrepreneur (EU)
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