Zipper Sets

Zipper Sets
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Six High-End Zipper Sets


Here is the information you need to set beautiful zippers that enhance your sewing. This is the same zipper information that is in Couture Techniques, now available separately.

Knowing how to sew PROFESSIONAL zipper sets makes all the difference if you wish to achieve beautiful results with your sewing. These professional zipper sets close the seams perfectly. For example: the invisible zipper sets without even so much as even a little tuck at its base. And you no longer need a special foot to set the invisible zipper. The instructions show the procedure the author taught her college students that ensures success. With these instructions invisible zippers will be your first choice for your garments' zipper closures.

All of the zipper sets instructions include how to line or face the zipper. 

This 134 page book's fully-diagrammed, professional zipper set instructions include the lapped hand-pricked, the invisible, the right-lapped fly and left-lapped fly (not shown), and the centered industrial (not shown) and lapped industrial zippers, as done in high-end designing departments. All zipper sets, including the invisible zipper set, require only a basic zipper foot, such as the zipper foot shown here in the right. These are the zipper sets that high-end sample makers use when sewing garments that cost over a $1000.

Extensively tested with fashion students, entrepreneurs, and design room personnel in college classrooms over a period of 20 years, these are the techniques you need  to set professional zippers.

Some readers may be surprised to learn that three of the sets require that the zipper be set before the seam into which it is set is sewn. Those sets include not only the invisible, but also the right and left fly zippers. 

That's right, here it is! The information, right from the industry, that can help YOU sew clothing that everyone admires. AND, once learned, zipper sets will be so much easier to do.

If you choose, you can print the patterns from the CD that comes with the book, cut samples, then sew the zipper sets, finally mounting them in a sample book for your future reference. (The patterns are also printed at the end of each zipper chapter.)

The CD provides you with three files: 

1. Patterns to use both as reference for how to modify patterns for the zipper sets, 

2. A sample book of the zipper sets, 

3. A printout that can be used to print all the pages on which samples of the zippers can be attached. All of the CD's pages are referenced to the pages in the book, as are the book's materials to the CD's pages

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