Sustainable premium denim company DL1961 has appointed Zahra Ahmed as its next CEO. Ahmed grew up in the family business of denim with her mother and father founding DL1961 in 2008. As the next generation, Zahra is dedicated to building a brand that is a global leader in denim innovation, focusing on sustainability through experiential retail. From day one, DL1961 has focused on how denim was made, and what improvements can be made at every step of the process. By using premium materials and innovative fibers alongside the most efficient production methods available, the final product not only looks good and feels great, but also does better for the environment.

Zahra Ahmed received her undergraduate degree at Barnard College and her MBA from Columbia Business School. Prior to attending business school, she oversaw International Sales and Marketing at DL1961. As the VP of Marketing and E-Commerce, Ahmed managed the DL1961 E-Commerce platforms in addition to overseeing the company's marketing strategy.

Zahra Ahmed

DL1961 Premium Denim