Sales rockstar, best connector, Communications & Brand Strategist Daniella Platt links arms with brands on the full spectrum of business development.

In 2019, Daniella launched “Hello My Fashion Empire,” a compilation of advertising and fashion expertise to guide brands into a position of growth, open unbelievable doors and knock sales out of the park!

As the #1 in ad sales at the Apparel News publication, notable clientele included Alternative, Anne Cole, LYCRA, Marcum, Ed Hardy, Skechers, NYDJ, Wells Fargo, Becca and Texollini. Daniella crafted 100’s of successful advertising campaigns earning a respected place in the business of fashion.

Seeing a product, Daniella sees its potential. Through her consultancy, Looking Good YAYA!, she offers conceptual marketing ideas and puts strategies into action. Like a primary doctor, LGY leverages the consultancy's relationships with "specialists" to give brands visibility and an edge.

Her impressive portfolio also includes N41 Apparel ERP, retailer LUVVUL, CGS BlueCherry, BBDO, Duncan Hines, Hugo Boss, Monte Blanc and Visa. Daniella is the writer of a Women Who Innovate column in the Fashion Mannuscript, which champions purpose-driven brands.

Daniella lives in LA with her husband Barney and their two scrumptious girls. You’re Looking Good, YAYA!

Daniella Platt

Hello My Fashion Empire