Sarah is a materials specialist with over a decade of experience developing textiles and trims. She began her career working for large brands in the fashion industry including Banana Republic, Nautica, and Alexander Wang. In 2013, Sarah moved to Patagonia, as Material R&D & Innovation Manager, to align her passion for the art of textiles with her core values around sustainability, responsible sourcing, and a love of the outdoors. Sarah has led her team in the implementation of several key initiatives for Patagonia including the development of Patagonia’s clean colors campaign, a collection of natural fibers dyed from renewable resources. Other recent successes are the launch of new hemp blend workwear canvas, recycled cashmere, and a collection of outerwear made from recycled wool blends. Her and her team’s work continues to focus on; sustainably sourced natural fibers from farm to fabric, vetting new recycling technologies, expanding low impact dyestuffs, and developing trims from recycled and natural inputs.

Sarah Hayes

Director Material Development

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