Dr. Cindy J Lin is the CEO and Co-Founder of the social good tech company, HOVE Social Good, a mission-to-action lifestyle and data analytics company. HOVE (sounds like "LOVE") Social Good connects people to purpose driven brands and meaningful data by using a dynamic data platform to report our synergistic environmental, health and social impact data trends to the savvy consumer. HOVE Social Good highlights companies who are proactively creating positive programs for our planet and health, or adopting sustainable processes that minimizes, does no harm, or improves our planet’s condition. Hove Social Good’s mission is to enrich people's lives with well researched information, robust data, and thoughtful data storytelling. These are incredibly powerful ways to provide useful and delightful experiences for the informed, selective and empowered consumer. Before founding HOVE Social Good, Dr. Cindy Lin achieved her dream of working at the US Environmental Protection Agency and while there, engaged in international and national water protection projects and sweeping environmental policy changes.

Cindy Lin

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