Mitch is a passionate and involved sustainability entrepreneur, consultant, educator and advocate, who believes that profit and planet can share the bottom line. He has a particular interest in solving the single-use dilemma with a design philosophy rooted in turning the ease of single-use into equally convenient reusable solutions. Mitch has successfully founded and lead Bagito, Returnity, and Revolusation, companies that provide consumers and businesses with smart reusable solutions that reduce carbon and primary resource usage, and eliminate trash. His passion for eliminating single-use has lead him to his is current position as the Director of the North American division of RePack, an innovative Finnish-based reusable shipping packaging service company. His work in the re-inventing of single-use products and packaging to multi-use has lead to two utility patents, several awards and credit for inventing the concept and term Reusable-as-a-Service (RaaS). Also close to Mitch’s heart is the triple bottom line business model, adding “people” to profit and planet. Mitch is the founder and director of, a non-profit project that teaches and empowers K-12 students to sustain their world and to which his companies donate a portion of their revenue. Mitch has always enjoyed working with children, and he started his career path as an elementary school teacher, principal and charter school founder. Mitch has B.A. in International Relations/Political Science from UCLA, an M.A. in Bilingual Multiple Subject Teaching from San Francisco State, an M.A. from Colombia University in Organizational Psychology and an M.Ed. from Teachers College Colombia in Education Administration. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA with his partner, practices yoga regularly, likes to cook and build stuff out of wood, and tries to get on his mountain bike whenever possible.

Mitch Barlas

Director, USA/Canada of RePack