The Fundamentals of Fashion Management

The Fundamentals of Fashion Management provides an in-depth look at the changing face of today's fiercely competitive fashion industry. Providing invaluable behind-the-scenes insights into the roles and processes of the industry, this book combines creative and business approaches for all those seeking to gain a solid understanding of what it means to work in the fashion sector.

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Fashion Supply Chain Management

Learn the elements of the global supply chain so that you can run a fashion business. This book takes you through the entire fashion supply chain from raw materials to the consumer, and covers organizational logistics, sourcing and production, inventory, information systems, and the retailer. It focuses on the apparel and textile industry, and discusses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and retailing on a global scale. You will gain an understanding of how the fashion industry supply chain relates to various roles in a fashion company--from designer to merchandiser--so that you can create value for the consumer.

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Apparel Manufacturing/Sewn Product Analysis

This comprehensive textbook provides in-depth coverage of all facets of apparel manufacturing in today's global industry.

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Costing For Profit
Every entrepreneur's ultmate goal is to run a successful company. Understanding the complexity of how to cost effectively will play a major part in achieving this goal.
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Price: $19.00
Brand Building for Profit

From the author of Fashion for Profit and Costing for Profit, Brand Building for Profit explains clearly and precisely what every apparel entrepreneur should consider when they start a new label. She also explains the many financial benefits of brand building.


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Price: $19.00
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