The Birnbaum Report/Strategic Sourcing for Garment Importers

The Birnbaum Report/Strategic Sourcing for Garment Importers
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The Birnbaum Report/Strategic Sourcing for Garment Importers

A monthly electronic newsletter by David Birnbaum, detailing all the news and trends in the international garment industry, to help manufacturers and importers work at the best price and source in the best countries. The international garment industry works in far more countries than almost all industries today. We deal in more products and with more suppliers. In fact, if there are 192 countries in the world, 192 countries export garments. And, at last count, perhaps 250,000 garment factories are exporting those garments.

This by-subscription newsletter exists to provide serious information to garment industry professionals on both sides: buyers and suppliers.

Each issue features articles on: garment products, exporting countries, and topics of current sourcing interest.

The newsletter is geared to manufacturers, importers, retail buyers, factories,agents, and government and non-government organizations. The newsletter will analyze all that is happening in this great period of garment-industry-sourcing change.

Researched and written by David Birnbaum. He applies his lifetime of outstanding experience working in the international garment-industry sourcing trade each month, so that the reader will be able to make knowledgeable decisions about their future production sourcing plans.

Companies or individuals can order the report on a subscription basis, at the price of $400 per year in PDF format.

Price: $400.00
526.48 CAD 358.40 EUR 3,101.76 HKD
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