August 6th, 2020 1pm EST
A Conversation on Sustainability and Reducing Transportation Impacts in Fashion and Global Supply Chains

Kathleen Heygesi Senior Sustainability Manager at Flexport, Burak Ayata Senior Director Sea and Air Logistics North America Kuehne and Nagel, Lee Kindberg Director, Environment & Sustainability Maersk, Andrea Kennedy Founder Fashiondex and Adjunct Professor LIM College, Nick Ammaturo Co-Founder/COO Fad Head Global Procurement Subway

Sponsorerd by Ecolife Yarn and Kendor Textiles.

The Fashion Designer's Sustainable Sourcebook
(A Guide to Eco and Slow Fashion Suppliers)

This up-to-date guide lists nationwide suppliers of all types of fabrics, trims, yarns, services, manufacturers and more practicing sustainable production processes, including: organic, waterless, no-waste, recycled, compostable, non-toxic chemicals and eco-friendly in socially-responsible factories.

A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Packed with examples from groundbreaking designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Edun and People Tree, A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion is a much-needed overview of current models of fashion design and production.

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion showcases the global fashion industry's efforts to reduce the negative impacts associated with fashion production and consumption. Illustrated throughout with infographics, photographs and diagrams of creative works, eighteen essays focus on six regions...

Sustainability and the Social Fabric

While the topic of sustainability in textile manufacture has been the subject of considerable research, much of this is limited to a focus on materials and practices and their ecological impact. Padovani and Whittaker offer a unique exploration of the textile industry in Europe from the perspective of social sustainability...