Jamie Campbell is the Manager of Sizing and Fitting for Human Solutions of North America (HSNA) and works closely with industry clients to optimize size tables, improve market shares and reach their customers better through improved size and fit. Through the Size NorthAmerica project, Jamie has been actively involved in gathering and analyzing accurate and up-to-date body data for the USA and Canadian populations.
With a background in Fashion Design and Merchandising, Jamie has a deep understanding of the relationship between the human body and clothing as well as design and construction techniques. She started with HSNA as a 2D pattern making and 3D design Application Specialist. She has been with HSNA for four years.

In her professional and personal life she is an advocate for sustainable fashion. She is the founder of the blog cool, calm (un)collected which aims to celebrate all things good in the fashion industry whether it is through innovation and technology, sustainability or locally manufactured and ethically made goods.

Jamie Campbell

Manager Sizing & Fitting - Fashion
Human Solutions of North America, Inc.