Jaclyn Jones is the founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based footwear factory, Clover & Cobbler, which opened its doors in October 2018. Clover & Cobbler aims to breathe the life of a new generation into a centuries-old craft while honoring the legacy of its artisans.

As founder and designer of her women’s luxury brand, Jaclyn Jones USA, Jaclyn identified that footwear manufacturing in the U.S. had not adapted to the standards of ethics, technology, quality and cleanliness expected from every other manufacturing industry. Aiming to tackle these inefficiencies herself as well as integrate sustainability, she opened Clover & Cobbler and has since acquired established women’s brand, Salpy, and launched a third in-house brand, Californians.

At Clover & Cobbler, Jaclyn is a leader in fostering a culture-focused, collaborative and creative work environment that brings craftspeople, designers, consultants and technicians together under one roof. Jaclyn has made it her mission to make socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing decisions and aspires to help other designers and business owners obtain the skills and strategies needed to improve our industry’s growth.

Jaclyn Jones

Founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based footwear factory, Clover & Cobbler