Working in the fashion industry is rewarding because the fashion world is a great way for designers to express themselves. According to Chung Yu the head of operation for MCM Enterprise; a vertical New York based full service domestic apparel manufacturer, getting paid to be creative and think outside of the box is not something many people in other industries can do. After working nearly three decade in the fashion industry; including sales, management, operation, development, financing, and production for multimillion dollar brands and startups, Chung knows what truly drives a successful fashion brand. He understands fashion is a branding business, not just a product business. He cautions designers not to use all their resources and time developing their perfect vision of a product. Creating a brand is just as important. A successful fashion business requires hard work, takes a long time to build, and can be challenging. This is why Chung enjoys working with passionate and creative fashion professional. Chung is able to provide guidance and intangible values to his clients which traditional manufacturer cannot provide. 

Chung Yu

MCM Enterprise