The Apparel Design
and Production
Hand Book
( A Technical Reference)

The Fashiondex, Inc.

Standard Garment Measurements & Specs

The garment styles chosen for this handbook are basic styles. They are classics that are in the stores at all times. They are not oversized garments, nor are they slim fitted styles. The specifications of the garments do not reflect any trends in exaggerated sizing. However, today’s marketplace and the current consumer attitudes were kept in mind when assigning measurements and the measurements chosen are universal in scope. The styles here are “current classics” and they have been chosen so that designers and production executives can have a starting point on what a measurement should be and work from there. During the research for this handbook, we literally measured hundreds and hundreds of garments to achieve the specs recorded in this handbook. We were able to measure best-selling and re-order items, so that the dimensions stated here are proven and can really be used as “standards” in today’s market. There is, of course, a broad variance from one manufacturers Size Medium to another manufacturers Size Medium, but we have found similarities, taken averages and confidently publish these dimensions as proven averages..

The Apparel Design
And Production
Hand Book

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