The Apparel Design
and Production
Hand Book
( A Technical Reference)

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How To Measure Garments

When a finished garment is measured, or when the measurements are being created for a garment from an original sketch or photo, it is said that one is doing a garment “spec”. The term spec is an abbreviation of the word specification and it means to record all of the particulars of a garment. Those particulars include the garment’s finished measurements, the placement, style and size of all trims and notions, and the detailing of all stitches, fabrics, etc. used within the garment. The specifications are recorded onto a “spec sheet”. Spec sheets are used in every phase of apparel design and production, and their importance and accuracy are critical. When specing a garment, it is essential to take your time and measure twice, or more if necessary, to accurately measure all points needed. Good specs and precise garment measuring are the way to insure a good fit and a good quality control.


The Apparel Design
And Production
Hand Book

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