Measurements 7



31. Thigh: The width around the fullest part of the thigh, high up on the leg, just below the crotch. (Sketch 2.19)
32. Knee: The width around the knee going over the protruding bone at the inside of the knee and across the kneecap. (Sketch 2.19)
33. Calf: The width around the fullest part of the calf. Measure while model is standing with feet flat on the floor. (Sketch 2.19)
34. Ankle: The width around the ankle going across the inside ankle’s most prominent point. (Sketch 2.19)
35. Total Torso: The vertical circumference of the torso from the mid-point on the shoulder, located half way between H.P.S. and shoulder point, and down passing through the crotch and back up to your starting point on the shoulder. Make sure your tape measure is placed over the fullest part of the bust or chest. (Sketch 2.20)


Illustrated and Written by Andrea Kennedy of

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