You have an idea for a new garment, apparel concept, clothing line or product that doesn’t exist at retail... or…. You are a designer planning to start out on your own... or.... Your existing locally-made product line has grown and you need to outsource production...

If any of the these scenarios are the case and you are traveling to a trade show or sourcing event to research how to produce this new idea/garment/product line, then this booklet is for you.

We published this 16 page booklet to assist all new designers and entrepreneurs sourcing apparel production for the first time.

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Often designers, or newcomers to the industry, travel to an apparel manufacturing or production-sourcing trade show with the intent of soon starting a new line or manufacturing an exciting concept. They walk through the doors of the hall and start hitting the booths. In the booths, they inform the different factory representatives that they plan to make a new item/garment/product line. The factory, in turn, asks the new designer various questions about their idea or product, of which the designer speculates many of the details and answers–if they understand them at all–and in the end the designer collects a business card and factory brochure and leaves the booth more confused than before they entered the booth.

We have heard these stories countless times and have published this booklet to assist all new designers and entrepreneurs sourcing apparel production for the first time.

You, as the designer and entrepreneur, must show up in each booth with more than just a design idea. Talking about a garment or a new product is not enough. A few things must be prepared, including yourself. You need to gather information and provide the appropriate specifics about your idea clearly so the factory can determine if they can produce your product and advise pricing.

With the right preparation, you will arrive at each trade-show booth armed with knowledge and be better able to find suitable factories and suppliers for you and your product; and appear ready to manufacture (even if you’re not).

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