Trends for Tomorrow’s Fashion Industry- Part 2

Trends for Tomorrow’s Fashion Industry- Part 2photo-1420745628365-ba93c07cb5ca

Population and the Planet.  At the same time as our three major cohort groups, mentioned in Trend One, are living their parallel lives…. more babies are being born and our world’s population is exploding to an unimaginable size.

With developing and newly-developing countries, such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Nigeria, each exponentially expanding their growth from 25% to 113% due to industrialization, we are headed for the 10 billion person mark by 2050.screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-9-38-17-am

Our rapidly-multiplying world is unstable and our planet is changing very fast. By 2040, one-third of our inhabitants will be extinct and our natural resources may be too. As these resources deplete, we must be cautious to not over-manufacture or over-use any important resource, such as: water, trees, oil, coal, or natural gas.

We must be innovative in our planning, development and creation of products, and plan and build new factories and production facilities, so that they can be self-sufficient, closed loop and climate neutral. We must become change ambassadors within our businesses and remove the old ways of “take-make-waste” from our thinking and our practices. With our planet’s population growing at massive rates, we have to produce for more people using less resources. And as more consumers become aware of the magnitude of our situation, more will in turn seek and be willing to pay more for products created with responsible supply chains. Our customers will further seek sustainability, authenticity and transparency, including production of products and request more no-impact products, such as recycled post-industrial or post-consumer fibers, or products made in wind, solar, tidal or man-powered factories, and produced by companies who are doing business with the goal of being fully responsible from end-to-end. Both consumers and companies will soon care that we all must reduce our impact and we must all make sure that no one or no resource suffers from our industry. This increasingly-shifting focus on caring for the planet will lead to transformation of our leadership and of our operations, products, and supply chains.


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